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Let's keep it real.

Are you sick of struggling? Do you feel like you deserve more out of life?

But, it feels like something is holding you back.
You just can't catch a break.

It's like your life is on repeat, in an endless cycle of struggle.

If you're ready to break out of that cycle and transform your life permanently, then keep reading.

I am going to show you exactly how I broke out of these repetitive patterns, and take you on a journey of transformation.

But first, I want to share something personal with you...

I stood there with tears in my eyes. It was over.

My long-term relationship had come to a screeching halt.

My girlfriend at the time and I were in Hawaii celebrating one of my biggest achievements. My business had just generated its first million dollars.

I felt on top of the world...

Unfortunately, there was one BIG problem.

I was so focused on my business, that I didn't realize I had been neglecting her and our relationship.

I had lost connection to the people who cared about me most - myself included.

At that moment, I realized something needed to change. I felt broken mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I separated from family, a lot of my former friends, and even stopped all dating for a while.

I had no idea what was going on, all I knew was I needed a change.

So I packed up my bags, hopped on a plane, and started traveling the world in search of answers.

The Struggle Is Real...

  • You're filled with stress and anxiety.
    It feels like your mind is overwhelmed with life and you're just trying to keep up.
  • You're feeling disconnected.
    Spiritually or emotionally you feel broken inside and looking for purpose.
  • You're working at a job you hate.
    But you feel like there are no options for you to escape without risking it all.
  • You're trying to grow a business. But you keep hitting a wall with your income and feel completely overwhelmed.
  • You're struggling with your relationships.
    It's hard to find love in the time of corona and
    keeping the romance alive is a daily struggle.
  • You're struggling to get your fitness on.
    Instagram & TikTok are filled with fit people, yet it feels impossible to get there.

So you end up popping open a bottle of wine, dropping on your couch, and binging on Netflix while scrolling through Instagram wishing your life could be better. 

Here's the good news...It doesn't have to be this way...it can get better, much better!

If you feel trapped, there's hope.

Hey, my name is Pharaoh.

If you're feeling trapped in life right now, I know exactly how you feel.

Before I discovered the secret I am about to reveal to you, I felt like a boat in an ocean with no sail. I was being tossed around by life and pulled in different directions. I felt trapped, and lost with no way out.

No matter how hard I tried, I failed to make progress.

There is a reason all this is happening to you.

If you feel stuck in your life right now, it's not your fault.

There are hidden limits that are holding you back.

These limits are from traumas "taught" to us by school, parents, friends, family, and life experiences.

The problem is, these traumas keep resurfacing every time we try to go past them.

It's your body’s way of keeping you safe, by reminding you of the trauma to avoid experiencing the pain again.

Unfortunately, this is keeping you trapped in an endless cycle of suffering.

It was keeping me trapped too...

Until I discovered something that changed everything...

As I was traveling the world in search of answers. I studied metaphysics, psychology, astrology, and numerology. I even hired coaches and mentors. I became a student of the Bible and other sacred texts.

I felt hopeless even after my endless search. Yet, I kept my faith strong and stayed consistent with my prayer knowing that it would lead me to the right answers. I started meditating and praying for help from a higher power.

Then, during a meditation session, I heard the words "I AM".

I immediately started researching I AM and it's meanings throughout history, this led me to a developing a 3-step method that changed everything...

My life completely changed when I discovered this "3-Step Method"

This 3-Step Method became the process through which I completely reconstructed my life.

You can completely reconstruct who you are also through what I call the IAM Method of Mastery.

The 3-steps are Intention, Action, & Manifestation.

If you combine this with the intentional power of love, it multiples your results 10x.

Once I started using this method, EVERYTHING changed for me.

And once you install this method into your life, you will start to see radical changes as well.

Imagine Finally Being Able To

  • Unlock your purpose and find your passions
  • Discover and uncover limiting beliefs
  • Set and achieve goals with clarity and focus
  • Heal trauma from family and childhood
  • Heal yourself from past relationships
  • Open your heart and feel love again
  • Create happy and thriving relationships
  • Create a life of freedom and prosperity
  • Take focused action and uproot limiting cycles
  • Manifest and create the life you desire

Once all the elements are in alignment, you can create powerful meaningful relationships and build a life you love.

Everything in our life shifts, but we have to shift first

You can’t leave your healing to chance. You have to take control.

You have to move forward with a strategy and method for success. If you want faster results, copy a proven method that works.

When it comes to our school, jobs, or any skill -- we study, practice, hire coaches, read books, and make plans.

But when it comes to our personal development or relationships we ignore strategy altogether. Instead we "wing it" and hope for the best.

People jump into life & relationships with no experience and expect it to work itself out.

Instead, you need to have a plan and method for success.

That’s why I developed the IAM Method of Mastery.

The IAM Method of Mastery is the key to unlocking your purpose, finding true happiness, and achieving your goals faster than ever before.

Through this method I was able to:

  • Love me and others again
  • Discover and unlock my purpose
  • Wake up feeling happy and fulfilled
  • Get in the best shape of my life in my 30's
  • Fast for over 40 days straight
  • Build and grow a million-dollar company
  • And much more

Now, I want to share this Method with you...

Introducing The

Unlock your purpose and power with the IAM Method of Mastery in 2023 and beyond

Starting March 7, 2023

If you want to take control of your life again, then I invite you to join me for my upcoming 21-Day Trans4mation Program.

For the first time ever, I am teaching my IAM Method of Mastery with a select group of people.

This is for you if you want to stop letting life knock you around and put yourself in the driver’s seat again.

With my proven IAM Method of Mastery, I will show you how to tap into your highest self.

Yes, you can become successful, wealthy, or famous. Yet all this is an artificial happiness.

You won’t find LASTING true happiness or fulfillment until you learn WHO you are and WHAT you are here for.

During this 21-day program and I will help you optimize the 5 most important pillars - Mind, Body, Soul, Business & Relationships.

What's Included

Call #1 - Mind Pillar

  • Discover & uncover your limiting beliefs
  • Heal family & childhood trauma for good
  • My meditation for clarity and focus
  • How to use intention to create, set, and achieve goals
  • Get clear on the path to manifestation

Call #2 - Body Pillar

  • Personal health & fitness assessment from me
  • 21-day fitness and nutrition guide
  • 3-day detox to promote brain & body coherence
  • How to optimize your health & wellness long-term.

Call #3 - Soul Pillar

  • Discovering your purpose in life
  • Finding true happiness and fulfillment
  • Learning WHO you are and WHAT you are here for
  • How to use spirituality and practicality to enhance your life in all areas

Call #4 - Relationships Pillar

  • My framework on how to create successful relationships 
  • How to interact with yourself, others, and the world
  • Heal from bad relationships
  • How to take action and uproot old existing cycles

Call #5 - Business Pillar

  • Create a business that serves others with value
  • Build a business you love waking up to every day
  • Increase your income and create financial freedom

Together, we will reconstruct who you are through the IAM Method of Mastery of Intention, Action, and Manifestation.

We will uproot old traumas, issues, and negative beliefs in your mind, body, soul, and relationships.

Get these limited-time bonuses today

Although I am on a mission to help everyone, I can only help those that want help. That's why I am only seeking people who are 100% committed and ready to change. 

I want to reward those who take action and commit to joining this program.

So while this offer is still up, I will be including:

30 min Deep-Dive Session
($222 Value)

Together you and I will jump on a private call together. I will work with you to find things showing up in your life and how to correct them. We'll also map out a plan on how to achieve what you want most.

I normally charge $222 for a 30 min session with me but you will get this free when you join the Trans4mation program today.

Access To The Private Trans4mation Community
($497 Value)

When you sign up today, I will also include lifetime access to my private Trans4mation Community.

This is a private community of influencers, leaders, and passionate people like you who are changing their lives with intention.

I will answer questions and provide on-going support for you along your journey.

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The Decision Is Yours

Before starting this quest, I entered a place where enough was enough! 

I knew I was destined for greatness…but I was frustrated because my life was not reflecting my full potential.

Chances are you are feeling the same way.

I'm guessing you know you deserve more in life, and if you've read this far, I am pretty sure you feel it too.

You are one of the few who are ready to experience the greatness that lies within you. You need the right coach to help you unlock it.

If you feel yourself saying "that is me!", then great, let's get started. If I'm not the right fit for you, that's ok too. No hard feelings, we can still be friends.

But if it is fear stopping you from making a decision, then put that aside for now, and let's unleash your potential together.

In the end, the decision is yours to make to stay where you are now or take the next steps to move towards the life you want.

If you're ready to finally take control of your life and crush the barriers holding you back, then let's make it happen!

- Pharaoh


Spaces Are Limited

I am keeping this open to a maximum of 30 people to take part in the 21-Day Trans4mation Program.

I am doing this to keep it intimate and allow time for you to ask questions and get the guidance you need. We expect to fill all the spots fast.

So I recommend registering now if you are serious about attending.

What Others Are Saying

"Many feel unfulfilled or lost in a sense in this world due to many negative-unpleasant reasons they’ve created in their heads. Myself included, for a very long time. Once I learned more in-depth about fasting on a mental and spiritual level from Pharoah, things started shifting. I noticed the challenges were there but the shift was much stronger and the end goal was more important and that was to finish. It made it easier because I had support and accountability from a group Pharaoh created. If you’ve never done fasting. I’d say try it once. Be realistic with how many days you should start off with. And most importantly a fast you know you can and will complete!"

- Love and Peace Jiyan

"I don't really have words for the amazing experience I just had, but I'll try to briefly explain! I got some amazing insight and spiritual awakening from Pharaoh. He's extremely knowledgeable and genuine when it comes to helping others through spiritual coaching/nutritional coaching. A lot of things were weighing heavy on me although I felt okay, I haven't felt GREAT in...too long. The guidance and wisdom I received just through his words set my life in a whole new direction. I wouldn't feel compelled to share this with my followers if I didn't feel this strongly about it. If you are in need of spiritual coaching/nutrition coaching/someone to genuinely give you enlightenment. This is your sign. Reach out! I'm so glad I did. Thank you!!!"

- Chloe Jayne

"I like to give a huge shout out to a great friend of mine Pharaoh. We got to connect on such a level now I call him my brother. This "spirit" is an expert in nutrition, spirituality, and a great role model. He is out to truly make a difference in the world. Pharaoh is deeply in touch with the spirituality of this world and he has helped me get in touch with my spirit in a way that has changed my life forever. Friend him and ask him for spiritual guidance if that is what you seek. If you see this that means this message was for you, and you're ready to bring your spirituality to the next level."

- JD

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Your Questions Answered

Do I need to travel?

There is no need to travel. This program is 100% virtual and we will be doing weekly calls together that you can attend from anywhere.

How long is the program?

This program is a 21-day program. Once it is over you will still have lifetime access to the private community.

When is the 1-on-1 call?

You can schedule your 1-on-1 call anytime you like. I recommend scheduling it once the program has completed so that we can cover a specific area where you have questions or concerns.

Why group calls?

We designed this course as a supportive container to be a safe space for you and others. You will meet other people in the community that is motivated to take their life to the next level just like you. Don’t be surprised if beautiful friendships develop while you’re in the course.

Join The 21-Day Trans4mation

Only $3997


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